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Rent a Moving Truck adapted to the Weight of your Goods

Are you about to move to a new home or relocating your business to another place and are looking for a truck and renting a storage box? You may have taken all the necessary steps to find some crucial information about the overall operation. Nevertheless, another figure should not be forgotten for your transport: the weight of furniture and boxes. See Related: What are good moving company rates in Los Angeles?

Moving your way: Anticipating, and Adapting

In order to be able to ride, USA vehicles must not exceed an authorized legal weight. This total allowable weight ┬áincludes the weight of the rental truck plus the load (furniture and boxes). This weight will be indicated to you by the rental company and generally confirmed on the tire weight and inflation label located in the driver’s or passenger’s door.

The difficult step, however, is to be able to estimate the total weight of the furniture and packs to be moved. If some recycling centers offer a weighing system to weigh the vehicle, you will not necessarily have time to get there on D-Day. Make sure you estimate the total weight of your goods and objects not to exceed the legal ceiling otherwise you may risk a fatal control. If you hesitate between two truck models, ask your landlord for advice.

Moving and fines: what is the risk of being overloaded?

Normally, security forces do not carry out systematic checks on moving trucks, but can stop a vehicle that seems to be overloaded. If the overweight does not exceed 5%, a simple fine is imposed but the truck can leave. Beyond 5%, the vehicle is immobilized, the gray card confiscated and the truck must be emptied in order to be able to leave. With all this information you just discovered in the above article, make sure you have the proper weight on the truck before you start the move to your new location.