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Boxes are the central element of a successful packing service when it comes to moving to a new home. Well packaged and sorted, they will pose no problem. Unfortunately, they can quickly transform your unloading into a nightmare if they are not were used from the beginning… Also, some tools will be indispensable to you to undertake a serene move by organizing yourself properly . Here are some useful tips to help you in your move.

Planning is the best move

When it comes to moving boxes, better is too much than not enough! The worst would be to get short of boxes the day before the truck is loaded. So plan accordingly, preferring a quantity of cartons overestimated. Similarly if you decide to rent a furniture guard: plan a larger box size so you do not run out of space! You can adjust it if necessary later.

Equipping yourself with the right tools

A well chosen material will be your best ally to avoid nervousness, pain or loss of time … Moving boxes must be at the heart of your overall packing service concerns. The good news is that you can choose boxes to suit your needs: for example, the wardrobe box, the plate box or the 12-bottle carton allow you to safely store the most fragile items.

Remember to organize your different packs and boxes per piece and you must carry a marker before the move. If you store your belongings for a while in one of your rooms or in a self storage box, you might not find it and have to open everything up. Invest in gloves, which will allow you to avoid cuts and thorns, fatal during a day of loading and unloading. Finally, cover blankets and bubble wrap for inside and outside the packs: they will be essential to avoid shocks and bearings which may damage your furniture and appliances.