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Find the Best Moving Companies in your Area

When you’re moving to a new place,you have two possibilities: either you roll up the sleeves and you do it yourself, or you look for a reliable moving service from a professional company. In the second case, it remains to find the rare pearl! How to find a qualified mover at a price that remains correct? This is the subject of our article.

1.Look for recommendations

The most classic way, always very effective, to find a good plan for your move is by asking every one you know. On average each year 1 citizen out of 6 is affected by a move,which is enough to say that you inevitably know someone who has moved recently to whom you can seek advice.
Be careful though: every move is different, and it is not because your brother / cousin / friend has moved with a particular company that the same company will be competent / or competitive for your own move. It is therefore always important to compare by obtaining other quotes (see below).

2. Use the internet

There’s quite a few number of sites on the internet that allow you to obtain quotes from different movers, or even simple estimates that can be instantaneous (but not precise). The procedure is always the same: you enter your details and some information concerning your move, and movers will contact you to make an estimate. The forms are more or less complete (and complex), and details are requested most of the time by telephone or email.
The advantage is that it is very fast: you are contacted within a few hours at most and can get your quotes in less than 24 hours.
The downside is that it’s too fast! You can quickly find yourself  harassed from movers calls within one hour of your request. Moreover, in general, no job of selection of the movers is done upstream and you can find there everything from good to bad. Please check that these are serious companies (registering in the commercial register, transport license, moving insurance, belonging to the trade union removal chamber – see the list of members).

3. Direct selling / local artisans

You can also apply directly to moving companies, without going through an intermediary. Large national networks  are more reliable and offer great values ​​in terms of quality, but their services are generally expensive. The quotes are free so you are free to ask them a quote directly in order to compare.
Note that these groups operate in franchises so there may be quality variations from one agency to another.
Also think of contacting the movers near you, via the yellow pages or google maps for example: you will be able to have interesting rates because of their proximity.