Find Top Movers

Hire Professionals for your Residential Move

Are you planning to move to a new residence in your city? Finding a mover, estimating the volume of luggage to be moved, and requesting a quote can sometimes take a long time. To prepare for your move  in a simplified way, offers you a solution tailored to your needs.

An experienced moving company


Present in the sector since 1985, the company Find Top Movers “www.findtopmovers.coma” was founded by Peter Jones. Located in New York, the company now offers its services in several regions of the USA and Canada. With a long experience in moving, this mover has specialized in two priority segments: the removal of heavy and precious objects. To satisfy a diversified clientele, this  company relies on a qualified and competent staff. One of its strengths is its pricing policy which takes into account the level of income of its customers.

Several moving services

Each client often expresses a specific request based on their needs and preferences. Aware of this factor, the company offers a wide range of services at hand. Thus, it can intervene for any case of transfer of commercial goods or when you want to move into a new trade. You can also call these experts for a residential move. Knowing the different localities in the region, you can always rely on this service provider to successfully complete your local move. In addition, the team also offers its expertise for moving long distances. Whatever the distance of the new destination envisaged, do not hesitate to call or leave an e-mail.

The move of heavy objects: a unique specialty!

The movement of heavy objects is a major axis in the company’s activity and has reserved a special range for this service. Indeed, this type of release requires both an exceptional skill and a specific expertise. This is why the company offers a guarantee to cover any damage during the move. Heavy items that are supported include billiard tables, giant screen TV’s, spas, and more. And as for heavy objects, the team also has a long experience in moving pianos. Whatever the type or volume of the piano, these professionals ensure a performance to match your preferences. All the conditions are met to ensure you a professional and fast moving.

On-demand storage service

Your new home can not contain all of your belongings and personal effects? Do not panic ! Contact the moving team quickly and the problem will be solved asap. The company will take care of storing all your goods until you find an alternative solution. If you are planning to make a move  in the coming months, do not hesitate to call on this qualified team. In addition to a range of full-service moving services, it offers you an outstanding quality of service.