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Prepare your Move: Get the Best Rates

So you’re preparing to move to a new home and the D-Day is approaching, you may have decided to hire a moving company, and ask for quotes to compare offers. How can we avoid making a mistake and verify that the service provider (s) is (are) honest? What information should be found in each quote? Below are some of our advice for you .

Legal information

Each quotation submitted to you must duly indicate the so-called “legal” terms of the company that sends it to you. Thus, you must find the name of the contractor, its business registration number, its address and contact information. You can then crosscheck the information with the institutional sites listing companies . Similarly, the date of issue of the estimate must be indicated and, if applicable, its expiry date. Your name and surname must also be stipulated on the quotation.

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The nature of the service

You must also find the nature of the service offered to you, without any ambiguity: is it a move organized especially for you, grouped or pooled? Are there stops on the road, in these last two scenarios, to recover the furniture and packages of other customers? is there a rental of box provided in the service?

Similarly, the mover will normally calculate his estimation rates according to the distance traveled and must therefore mention a rate of kilometric allowance: beware of quotations where there’s no mention of the journey.

For your part, be as specific as possible when contacting the service provider: make it clear to them (to avoid any extra costs) the means of access to your future apartment (or house), the fragility of your furniture or boxes, and especially the overall volume of your business as accurately as possible.

As for payment, finally check that the amount is inclusive of tax (All taxes included), unless you are a company. We hope this article has helped you to get all necessary information before you meve to your new home.